Need a construction company?

Kodaro is a construction company based in Johannesburg, South Africa

We offer a wide range of construction services in the private and public sectors with our primary focus on the housing projects. Our services cover the building of new residential houses and commercial, industrial and public properties. We extend our services to renovations, extensions and maintenance. Also included in our package are the standalone services such as roofing, tiling and plumbing which we undertake to cater for our clients’ diverse needs.

Over the years, we have opened ourselves to different types of construction activities. This has helped us to hone our skills and to grow in many different aspects of construction. Today, we speak of successes we have made over the years which have helped us to earn trust among our clients.

Our commitment does not change – we promise to offer you the same quality service we have offered to our clients over the years. it will be something that you will be proud of.


Sectors in which we operate

Residential sector

Single, double & multi-storey houses

Town houses



Commercial sector

Office buildings

Shopping centres


Industrial sector




Public sector




Government buildings

Services we offer

Building of new properties

  • Residential houses
  • Commercial properties
  • Industrial properties
  • Public properties
  •

Renovations & maintenance

  • Renovating existing houses
  • Extensions to main houses
  • Alteration of existing property
  • Repairs to property
  • Maintenance of property
  • Read more……

When you click on each of the standalone services, a separate page will open with more information on each service that we offer.

Our approach to construction

Our approach relies heavily on detailed planning

Construction cannot be taken lightly but requires detailed and proper planning before any construction activity is undertaken.

  • In the planning stage, we involve all the key players such as our clients, architects, engineers and contractors.
  • We ensure that each key player understands their role on the project.
  • We then plan our team according to the size and complexity of the project.
  • We appoint a project manager assisted by supervisors to run the project.
  • We involve qualified inspectors to monitor progress and ensure that our work is done according to the original plan.

Why Choose Us

Choose us because we provide quality service

  • We are committed to delivering and providing you with excellent and reliable service.
  • We achieve this by devising a coherent and comprehensive plan for each project that we undertake.
  • We leave no stone unturned but cover all the aspects of the project.
  • We engage you in the planning stage to ensure that we have identified and understood all your needs.
  • We then come up with a workable and effective plan to address your needs.

Choose us because we are honest

  • We are honest and frank about what we can and cannot do.
  • We deliver what we promised in the planning phase of the project.
  • We put you first and at the centre of everything we do.
  • We ensure that you get an update from our team on the progress made from time to time.
  • We get satisfaction when we see you happy upon the successful completion of the project.
  • Our goal is finally achieved when the service we have rendered imprints lasting images on your mind.

Role of construction companies in our economy

Construction companies in general

Construction companies have for many years played an important role in the economic growth of the country.

They tend to benefit immensely from the infrastructure budget announced by the government at the beginning of each fiscal period.

This budget acts as a barometer of the construction activities likely to take place in the coming periods.

The infrastructure budget announcement also allows other sectors of the economy such as agriculture, manufacturing and property estates to plan their activities accordingly.

For example, the construction of modern roads, bridges and dams facilitates the transportation of the agricultural products from the farms to the cities.

Big and small construction companies

Not only do construction companies stimulate economic growth, they also play an important role in the employment of many contractors.

Big and small companies tend to find ways of working together due to the diverse skills and construction services required in the building of each project.

For example, small companies are able to mobilise unskilled labour which big companies tend to struggle with.

Our role in the construction industry

We do not add numbers, but we play a meaningful role in the construction industry. Through our construction activities, we have provided many services to our clients.

These services have at the same time helped to create many job opportunities in the areas in which we operate.

For example, this has seen the employment of both skilled and unskilled contractors over the years in our company.

We will continue to do so in many years to come.

We are committed to working together with other construction companies to provide excellent and reliable construction services to our clients.