Kodaro is a fully-fledged construction company based in Johannesburg, South Africa specialising in the building of residential houses in different parts of the country. Our services extend to renovations, extensions and maintenance of buildings.

Given the diverse needs of our clients, we also offer standalone services where our clients need a particular service, for example, fixing of a geyser, painting of a house or replacement of a roof instead of a full suite of construction services that we offer.

Services we offer

Building houses

Single, double, multi storeys

Town houses









House maintenance

Garden maintenance

Swimming pools


Standalone services




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Building a house of your dream…!!!

Imagine building a house for, say, R800 000 in the first year and watching the value of your house doubling over a certain period, say, to R1 600 000 after five years.

Isn’t that great? Yes, it is indeed!

This is what many houseowners dream of when they undertake a building project.

While building a new house is not that easy, the benefits at the end usually far outweigh the initial costs of its construction.

Of course, this statement is dependent on a number of factors such as the area in which the house is built as well as the demand for houses in that area.

Should you need assistance with the type, size and area where to build your dream house, contact us.

We don’t only build houses, but we also provide valuable advice to help enhance the market value of your property.

Preparations required before building

Planning is key

Building a house requires proper planning before the work actually begins on the side of both the client and the building contractor.

It is for this reason that we pay you a visit to obtain an understanding of your needs.

This also includes going through the building plan with you as well as visiting the site where you will be building a house. 

Doing this gives us an idea of what is required so that we can plan accordingly.

It also gives us an opportunity to advise you on a wide range of issues including instances where there are discrepancies between your plan and the actual work based on our assessment of your site.

Giving you necessary help

When we strongly feel about amending certain aspects of your plan, we liaise with your architect after obtaining your permission to do so.

We also assist in securing the services of a structural engineer and the municipal inspector.

Once we have completed the preparations, we sit down with you to agree on the timeframe within which to complete the project.

In these discussions, we also want to ensure that you have catered for everything in your budget.

We then assign our team to carry out the work according to the agreed plan.

How can we help you?

Building a house is not an easy task

Outlining the preparations for building a house in a manner described above gives an impression that building is a simple exercise.

In reality, it is not that simple given the number of hurdles you have to go through before you even consider hiring a contractor.

As a contractor, we are fully aware of these challenges. Some of them relate to the drawing of a house plan as well as getting your municipality to approve it.

Once approved, you also need to test the soil to determine the type and strength of the foundation.

All this requires time and effort on your side to get these things done.

Why do all the hard work alone?

We can do these things for you without you feeling the pain.

Our architects can help with the drawing of a building plan as well as registering it with your municipality.

We have our structural engineers to organise the testing of the soil.

These engineers can also help with the drawing of the foundation plan to complement the architect’s drawing.

Anything you need, we are here for you.

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Renovations and maintenance


Adding value to your property?

A house or yard that is not taken care of makes your whole property look ugly and therefore diminishes the value of your property.

The big challenge is that some homeowners wait for too long to renovate or maintain their property to the point where it is too costly to do any renovations or maintenance.

Small things do count to improve the market value of your property such as fixing a broken window or replacing old tiles with new ones.

Not only should you take care of your house but also your yard such as maintaining your garden regularly.

A yard is the first point of attraction to prospective buyers who tend to base their decisions on small things they see on the property.

What you think is not important turns out to be important to prospective buyers.

Why then wait for too long to renovate?

When it comes to renovations and maintenance, we are the key.

We do not only renovate or maintain your property, but we also provide the necessary solutions.

For example, when you ask us to paint your house but we come across cracks on the walls, we bring these problems to your attention so that cracks can be filled first before we carry out any painting work.

Standalone services

We provide many standalone services in response to high demand for these services from our clients



Damp proofing








Water proofing








Swimming pools





CCTV cameras

We can do any of these standalone services for you – when you contact us, we respond immediately.

Kodaro has the qualified teams that specialise in each area of these services.

The approach we follow is similar to the one we use when building a new house or renovating it.

We don’t compromise on quality but offer high standard of service.

The only exception being the scope of work which, in this case, is less than building a new house.

Want to solve a problem?


Choosing a contractor?

Building a new house or doing major renovations is not an easy exercise since you have to spend a big chunk of money.

Getting a contractor without the necessary skills and experience will result in poor workmanship which means you have to redo the same exercise in the near future at an additional cost.

Why do you have to go through all this hassle instead of choosing the right contractor from the beginning?

It is not that difficult as all you need is to check their credentials.

It starts by obtaining references from the previous projects they have completed.

Most importantly, you may have to visit the sites where they carried out their previous projects so that you can make good judgement about their workmanship.

At Kodaro, we are proud of the previous projects we have done for our clients. Should you need our references, we encourage you to obtain them.

What makes us stand out

Our commitment to quality service

  • We have a team of talented and committed individuals with the necessary skills and experience to undertake any project.
  • Our company is committed to training our team to ensure that they offer the service of high standard.
  • Once we have been hired, we leave no stone unturned but cover all the aspects of the project.
  • We engage and keep you informed of the progress made from the beginning of the project right through its completion.
  • Our team loves its work and always willing to go an extra mile.

We deliver on our promise

  • We are honest and frank about what we can and cannot do.
  • Our team delivers what it has promised in the planning phase of the project.
  • We put you first and at the centre of everything we do.
  • Our team is always willing to help and listen to your needs.
  • We get satisfaction when we see a smile on your face upon the successful completion of the project.
  • Our goal is finally achieved when our work imprints lasting images on your mind.

Who we are

The company is run by the management team who, individually and collectively, have acquired vast experience in the construction industry gained over many years.

Management is responsible for upholding the company’s vision and setting its goals as well as devising, directing and implementing its course and strategies.

It is also responsible for ensuring that everyone within the company abides by its values. We are guided by the values of passion, creativity, accountability, transparency and fairness in everything that we do. The company cares for its people and all the stakeholders it has relations with.

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