Electrical services

Electrical services

We provide electrical services in different parts of South Africa

We offer electrical services which include electrical fault finding, installation of lights, electric cables and wiring. We have qualified electricians who are ready to provide you with solutions relating to your electrical problems


Installations and other electrical services

We do installations and offer a wide range of other electrical services 

Installations & Replacements

Electric cable and wiring

Electric meter

Plug and socket


Gate motor

Ceiling fan

Other Electrical Services

Electrical fault finding

Distribution board upgrade

Circuit breaker replacement

General electrical services


Dangers of electricity

What to DO and NOT to do to avoid dangers of elecricity

Electricity is very dangerous and can even lead to fatalities if no precautions are taken. That is why, at Kodaro, we prioritise safety precautions before undertaking any electrical work.

Whenever you detect an electrical problem, do not try to fix it on your own but call an electrician to sort it out for you.

Children should be monitored to ensure that they stay away from touching electrical apparatuses.

Unprotected electric cables should be avoided.


Precautions to take and electricty costs

What we do when there is an electrical problem

We send our qualified team of electricians to the scene.

They are experts in detecting electric faults.

They will bring along their electric tools including detectors.

They know where to start and finish.

When they get to the scene, they first assess the extent of the problem and then advise on the way forward.

Use of rubber gloves to protect you against electric shock

If it happens that you get in touch with the electrical apparatus, we recommend the use of rubber gloves which will protect you against electrical shock. Our electrical team uses them on electrical assignments.



Electricity costs

Electricity does not come cheap and its costs keep going up from one period to the next in South Africa. Our authorities cite a number of reasons for doing so including those relating to upgrading of the current facilities.

It is therefore important that you plan around reducing costs especially on items that consume a lot of electricity such as a geysers and stoves.

We can help you to save on electricity by installing the green-energy bulbs. These bulbs not only save electricity costs, but they also contribute positively to reducing incidents leading to climate change and global warming.