Plumbing services

Plumbing services

Plumbing services and solutions


We provide various plumbing services and solutions to our clients ranging from detecting pipe leakages, fixing blocked drains, fixing burst geysers, installing septic tanks, water & sewerage pipes to general repairs and maintenance.


Plumbing services we offer and our clients

We have the heart for plumbing and always willing to service our clients no matter where they are based in South Africa.  We have a qualified team of plumbers who are available and willing to help you at any time.

Installations and replacements


Toilet systems



Washing machines

Septic tanks

Water & sewerage pipes

Water meters

Solar system

Other services

Leak detection

Fixing blocked drains

Fixing burst pipes and geysers

General plumbing repairs & maintenance – fixing taps, wash basins, shower heads and mixers

Our clients

Individual home owners

Body Corporates – townhouses, clusters and estates

Property management agencies

Commercial properties


Blocked drains, burst pipes & geysers and leak detection

Signs of blocked drains

Drains are used to carry waste from your house into the sewerage system. They are not designed to carry hard substances such as cloths and stones. Your drain can be blocked sooner or later depending on the size and levels of these hard substances.

Should your drain be blocked, you can detect it through one of the following signs:

  • Your toilet failing to flush
  • Hissing sound from the pipes
  • Awful and sometimes unbearable smell

Burst pipes and geysers

The cause for pipes and geysers to burst is often due to the following:

  • Improper installation of pipes and geysers
  • Old pipes due to wear and tear that need to be replaced
  • Geyser pressure vessel giving in due to the lack of maintenance
  • Geyser thermostat failing to adjust itself thus giving way to uncontrollable heating up of the geyser.

Leak detection

We have modern advanced equipment that we use to detect leakages inside and outside your property. This equipment has the capability to scan and point exactly where the leakage is after having been moved around on the ground.

Installation & replacement of water pipes & drains


Our plumbing services extend to the installation of new water pipes and drains as well as the replacement of the existing ones.

Installations need proper planning especially if this involves the building of a new house. This entails proper co-ordination of our plumbing work with that of the other construction teams such as bricklayers, plasterers and electricians.

As the building of a new house involves several stages, we always work around the time table with the other construction teams so that our plumbing work is not left out of the process.

We have done this successfully on the projects we have completed over the years.


Septic tank installation

There is an increasing number of households using septic tanks in South Africa. The common septic tanks currently being used are those built from concrete and bricks especially in the rural areas, and those made from plastic.

Instead of waste material being carried through the conventional sewerage system, it is carried from your house into the septic tank.

Therefore, one end of the septic tank is connected to an internal wastewater pipe and the other end to a septic drain field. This ensures that the waste received from the internal waste pipe is flushed out into the field through the other end.

If installed and maintained properly, a septic tank can last for years without giving you problems.

We have the necessary expertise and skills to help you in this regard.


What to do when you encounter plumbing problems

  • Plumbing devises such as geysers can be very dangerous especially when electricity is involved.
  • Unless you are qualified to install or fix the devises, it is advisable to contact a qualified plumber.
  • At Kodaro, we are willing to fix all your plumbing problems.
  • All that you need to do is to call us on 011 440 1866 and our plumbing team will assist you.