Construction services

Kodaro offers various construction services

Kodaro is a fully-fledged construction company offering various construction services in the private and private sectors. Our services include the building of affordable houses as well as properties in the commercial, industrial and public sectors.

Though our primary focus is on building new properties, we also do renovations, repairs and maintenance of properties. In addition, we provide standalone services such as fencing, water proofing and carports to meet the diverse needs of our clients.


Standalone services

We provide many standalone services in response to high demand for these services from our clients. When clicking on these services, you will be taken to a separate page with more information on each service.

Renovations, repairs and maintenance

Each home owner can confirm that ever since moving into the house some time ago, they have done renovations and maintenance of their home in one way or another.

Renovations and maintenance include some of the following scenarios:

  • Repainting the house due to the old paint no longer looking good.
  • Replacing the old tiles with the modern tiles to strike a match with the newly fitted kitchen cupboards.
  • Repairing a leaking pipe connecting to the washing machine in the kitchen.
  • Water proofing the roof to stop water from coming down the walls.
  • Replacing a burst geyser to start getting hot water again.

Renovations range from small projects such as the replacement of a leaking pipe to big projects such as the extension of the house through the addition of several rooms.

In our experience, certain renovations have involved the demolition of the large part of a house and rebuilding it.

Since renovations and maintenance can be costly, they should be properly budgeted for.

Should you need to renovate or repair your property, feel free to contact us.


Building a house of your dreams

As a fully-fledged construction company, we can undertake any kind of construction work including building a house of your dreams.

In the planning stage of building your residential house, various things need to be considered before any construction work begins. For example, your house plan needs to be registered with the municipality. We can assist you in this regard in conjunction with other services that we provide including:

  • Obtaining soil samples and issuing of a geo tech report by our structural engineers.
  • Registering your project with institutions such as the National Home Builders Registration Council (NHBRC).
  • Securing appointments with the inspectors to ensure regular inspection of your house at different stages of the construction process.
  • Facilitating the issuance of all the necessary certificates of compliance (COC’s).
  • Submitting the final plan with the local municipality.

In building your house, we guarantee quality service from the beginning of the project right through to its completion.