Sustainability considerations

Sustainability requires companies to consider social, economic and environmental issues

In the 21st century, companies that want to succeed in the long run need to have a clear vision about their objectives and, most importantly, to embrace sustainability as a key ingredient to guarantee their success in the future. This is true for all entities including construction companies.

Sustainability requires companies to address three key issues, namely, social, economic and environmental considerations. Its importance has now received global attention and has even prompted organisations such as the United Nations to issue guidelines to help companies with key points to address when reporting on these issues.

In pursuing our construction activities, at Kodaro, we embrace sustainability considerations with our current focus on safety, environment and community issues. Though, at times, we are not directly impacted, it is nonetheless our responsibility to ensure that we do business with only those clients and partners that embrace sustainability. 


Focus on safety, environment and community


In line with sustainability considerations discussed above, it is our priority to ensure the safety of our employees and all other stakeholders we have relations with.

To this end, we strive to comply with the safety requirements prescribed by various laws in South Africa as well as abiding by the international guidelines.


We support the initiatives undertaken by the United Nations and other reputable organisations intended to protect the environment.

We discourage actions taken by any individuals or organisations resulting in the pollution of air, sea and water as well as excessive emission of hazardous substances, such as carbon dioxide, into the atmosphere as this leads to global warming and climate change.


As a construction company, our activities impact many communities.

We therefore plan to embark on various initiatives aimed at uplifting the communities in which we operate.

We believe that these initiatives will have a positive impact on the success of both these communities and our company in the long run.