Swimming Pools, Paving, Tiling

Swimming pools, paving and tiling

Installation and fitting of swimming pools, paving and tiling

We specialise in designing and building different types of swimming pools that you can choose from. Not only are they beautiful but they are also an important asset that help enhance the market value of your property. Besides swimming pools, we do paving for driveways, parking lots and patios. In addition, we do floor and wall tiling inside and outside your house including tiling for swimming pools.


Swimming pools

Proper planning is required

Building of a swimming pool requires proper planning which should address the following issues:

  • Distance from the house
  • How big and dip it should be
  • How to protect the children from using it which can lead to fatalities
  • Ensuring that people using it can swim
  • Maintenance of the pool
  • Budget for both building it as well as repairs

Our services cover the following issues:

  • Designing and building of a swimming pool
  • Building of paving around the pool
  • Stopping of leaks from recurring
  • Replastering
  • Replacement
  • Pool repairs and maintenance
  • Pool safety covers and nets


Paving enhances the value of your property

A well-designed paving can give your property a good look and enhance its value.

We design paving for residential and commercial properties to meet your needs and style in the following areas:

  • Driveways
  • Parking lots
  • Patios
  • Swimming pools
  • Roads

We use different types of paving methods

  • Stone paving
  • Interlocking paving
  • Clay cobble paving
  • Concrete paving
  • Cement paving


Floor and wall tiling

We provide floor and wall tiling service for indoor and outdoor areas of any property. This includes tiling for kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, study rooms and patios

We fit different types of tiles

  • Ceramic
  • Marble
  • Porcelain
  • Natural stone
  • Slate
  • Gloss
  • Sandstone
  • Mosaic slate
  • Mosaic river pebble
  • Laminated flooring



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